The firefighters face an almost impoossible task. @BomberosGC

Video | Firefighters try to divert molten lava flows with a digger to save a La Palma town

A video shows them creating a channel with excavators in the hope that the advancing river of magma will be diverted away from homes in Todoque


Tuesday, 5 October 2021


Firefighters from the Gran Canaria brigade in La Palma have been working through the night to try and divert the lava from the erupting volcano from its path as it approached homes in the Todoque area.

Using diggers and heavy machinery, they tried to create a channel for the lava, removing the greatest number of obstacles to the magma flow, so that it would take the course of the ditch, an almost impossible task.

Firefighters also tried to cool areas of the lava flow with a large volume of water to allow more time for the excavators to work.



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