Survey finds Andalusians are more concerned about unemployment than the pandemic

More than half of those polled said the lack of job opportunities was the main problem in the region


The lack of work continues to be, by far, the issue that most worries people in Andalucía. This is clear from the lastest Andalusian Barometer findings, published this Monday (12 July).

According to the Andalusian Studies Centre survey, 55 per cent of the respondents placed unemployment as the main problem of the region, well ahead of the pandemic, which was the main concern for just 6.4 per cent of those consulted. Even further behind are youth unemployment (3.6 per cent), dissatisfaction with politics (3 per cent) and health (1.6 per cent).

Unemployment was also at the forefront as the second concern by those who chose some other issue as the most important, with some 12.6 per cent of the valid responses, followed by the pandemic (8.1 per cent), health (3.3 per cent) and dissatisfaction with policies (2.4 per cent).

Regarding the resolution of these problems, most of those interviewed consider the PP as the political party that can respond best (with 30.3 per cent), followed by the PSOE (12.8 per cent), Vox (4.4 per cent), Ciudadanos (3%) and Podemos (2.3 per cent).

Some 49.6% of those polled reckon that the current economic situation is bad or very bad compared to 25.1 per cent who believe that it is good or very good. When comparing it with the situation a year ago, 43.6 per cent consider it worse; 31.4 per cent better, and 22.4 per cent the same. When it comes to predicting how it will evolve in a year, optimism prevails. Some 68.2 per cent believe that it will improve; 17.9 per cent think it will remain the same, and 6.7% per cent fear it will get worse.

One of the aspects where the economic situation is reflected is in the taking of holidays. Of the total respondents, 38 per cent indicated that this year they will not go on holiday, and more than half of these explain that they will not do so because of the crisis. Some 20.9 per cent said they will return to their usual destination and 19.9 per cent said they will change it due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Those consulted for the Andalusian Barometer have also expressed their concerns about the recent changes in electricity rates. More than half (52.9 per cent) said they would try and adapt to the new time bands to save money on their bills, while 32.7 per cent answered that they will continue using electrical appliances as before.