Vaccination point in Madrid. / EFE

Spain's big push to reach its 70 per cent fully Covid-jabbed target by the end of the month

The ambitious August goal was set by the Government of PM Pedro Sánchez back in April


Spain is on the verge of reaching its target of having 70 per cent of the total population of the country fully vaccinated with doses of one of the Covid-19 formulas by 31 August.

The ambitious goal was set by the Government back in April, when it was considered that the so-called 'herd immunity' could be achieved when the target was met.

Now, however, from a health point of view, 70 per cent no longer has such importance because the expansion of the Delta variant has forced a revision of the figures, with experts saying 90 per cent of the population must be now be vaccinated to achieve 'herd immunity'.

The Spanish PM, Pedro Sánchez, pledged his word that this end-of-month milestone was going to be achieved, especially after not having reached the most optimistic goal, reaching 70 per cent on 18 August, which earned him criticism from the opposition.

Spain starts the week with 32,459,380 people (68.4 per cent of the population) with the full schedule, so that another 750,000 need to be jabbed to reach 70 per cent. The figures for the weekend have not yet been counted, but the daily average from Saturday to Tuesday should be around 200,000.

Reaching the last day of August, with seven out of ten people in Spain fully vaccinated will be a real achievement, after a slow down in the vaccination rate during the first two weeks of the month when the average daily rate for people fully-jabbed dropped to 188,000, compared to the 300,000 that were reported in June and July. But in the last ten days, the rate of 250,000 per day has easily been exceeded again.