Paseo de La Rosa, in Toledo. / EFE / ATLAS

Video | Spain mops up after torrential rains and floods wash away cars

Nearly 500 incidents were registered by the 112 emergency services in Toledo province after widepread storms hit on Wednesday


Numerous municipalities in the province of Toledo have confirmed this Thursday, 2 September, that they will request they be declared as 'areas seriously affected by a civil protection emergency' - what was previously known as a catastrophe zone - for the damage caused by the floods on Wednesday.

Nearly 500 incidents were registered by the 112 emergency services in the Toledo province throughout Wednesday, the most serious in the provincial capital, with one of its road accesses turned into a river, and in Cobisa, where Guardia Civil officers helped rescue two elderly women by creating a human chain and holding onto a rope to avoid being carried away by the water.

Argés, Cobisa, Guadamur and Polán were among the towns that have suffered the most significant damage to street furniture, the drinking water supply network and the flooding of a large number of premises.

In Cobisa, one resident, Mario Rodríguez, will never forget what happened, because he recorded with his mobile phone the moment when the water knocked down the perimeter wall of his villa and flooded the house, a video that has gone viral on social networks.

«We had to dive between the furniture. We almost drowned», he said this Thursday. «The water reached my head and luckily it broke a door, escaping the house.»

Another incident in Cobisa forced the Guardia Civil Guard to act and rescue of a mother with her two young children from inside a car that was trapped by the torrent.

The floods that, miraculously, have not caused significant personal injuries have, however, left behind extensive damage to agriculture, with vineyards, olive groves and pistachio orchards destroyed.