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No seat belt was worn in one in four deaths in vehicles on the roads this summer

In total, some 191 people have lost their lives on the roads in Spain during July and August, the lowest number since records began


During the months of July and August, some 191 people have lost their lives on Spanish roads, eleven fewer than during the same period last year and 24 fewer deaths than in 2019.

A drop has also been registered in the number of fatal accidents and injuries that have required hospitalisation.

The data has been revealed this Friday, 3 September, by the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, during a press conference in which he was accompanied by the undersecretary of the department, Isabel Goicoechea, the DGT road authority chief, Pere Navarro, and by the head of the Guardia Civil's traffic division, José Ignacio Criado.

«The 191 deaths registered this summer is the lowest number since records began, but we must not use this data to launch a triumphalist message. We cannot forget that, during these two summer months, every day three people have lost their lives on our roads,» warned Grande-Marlaska.

During the month of July there were 95 fatal accidents in which 99 people died, which means 16 fewer deaths than in July 2020 and 18 fewer than in July 2019.

In August there were 83 fatal accidents in which 92 people died, which is five more deaths than in the same month of 2020, the year in which the lowest number of deaths was registered in the month of August. During this month there we five days with zero deaths.

«The 191 deaths this summer are still too many, as are the 651 recorded since 1 January. That is why I encourage everyone to keep up the effort and work to reduce the number of traffic accidents and their dramatic consequences,» the Minister of the Interior stressed.

In detail, during this summer there have been 11 fatal accidents with more than one death, so that 6 per cent of the accidents led to 12 per cent of the deaths.

By type of road, 3 out of 4 (71 per cent) of fatal accidents continue to happen on conventional roads. In this type of accident 138 people died, the lowest figure on record. On major roads and motorways, 53 deaths were registered.

The death rate in motorcycle accidents has been reduced by 30 per cent (48 deaths, some 21 less than in 2019). The number of pedestrian deaths has increased to 23, some 9 more than in 2019.

By type of accident, the vehicles leaving the road continues to be the one that causes the most fatalities (45 per cent) with 86 deaths, followed by head-on collisions (17 per cent) with 32 deaths.

In one in four deaths in cars and vans a seat belt was not used (25 deaths). Of the two deaths of children, one did not use any safety accessories.

«We must not accept road accidents and fatalities as an inevitable evil. We can - and must - end road deaths. We are going to continue working to achieve this goal and I am confident that we will have the collaboration of all the actors in the sector and the public as a whole to achieve this,» concluded Grande-Marlaska.