The lava has already covered an area of 154 hectares. / AGENCY

Live stream | La Palma volcano enters a new phase with an increase in 'explosive' activity

Experts believe the eruption could last between 24 and 84 days


The La Palma volcano, which erupted last Sunday, has entered a new phase in recent hours, in which there has been an increase in "the intensity of explosive activity" from the open ‘mouths’.

This has been reported by the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands, which has said that this increase in activity means that it is not necessarily more dangerous.

In the last few hours, the Canary Islands Seismic Network has also confirmed "a strong increase in the amplitude of the volcanic tremor", which means greater activity in the expulsion of lava from the volcano.

Throughout Tuesday there was much more volcanic activity compared to Monday.

Experts are now estimating that the volcano will remain active for at least 24 more days and at most 84, if it is prolonged.