The now controlled Sierra Bermeja fire. File photograph. / ÑITO SALAS

Hope that Spain's government will declare a 'catastrophe zone' after the Sierra Bermeja fire

The Malaga Provincial Council has created an emergency eight-million-euro fund for the environmental and economic recovery of the municipalities affected by the blaze


The president of the Malaga Provincial Council, Francisco Salado, has said that he hopes central government will declare the area seriously affected by the Sierra Bermeja fire as a 'catastrophe zone'.

At its height the blaze, which has burned for six days, forced the evacuation of six villages and displaced thousands of people from their homes during the civil protection emergency.

This Tuesday morning (14 September) the Infoca forest fire brigade declared the blaze ‘controlled’, although not extinguised, and allowed the last of the evacuated residents to return to the affected area, while it continues to work on the extinction tasks.

Salado has said that the provincial council has made its technicians available to the municipalities affected by the fire in Sierra Bermeja and the Genal Valley to assess and repair "as soon as possible" the damage to basic infrastructures, especially the water supply.

"Now it is time to work tirelessly for the environmental recovery of the area," he said, adding that an urgent assessment of the damage must be carried out "because I hope that the Government declares this area as a catastrophe zone and the villages present claims for those damages."

Salado also announced the creation of an emergency eight-million-euro Diputacíon fund to help with the environmental and economic recovery of the muncipalities affected by the fire.

The provincial council is also assessing the damage that the Sierra Bermeja and Genal Valley roads may have suffered: “Once this nightmare is over, we will try to assess the damage and undertake the necessary investments so that the roads are in perfect condition as soon as possible,” said Salado.