A researcher in the laboratory. / EFE

Delta variant dominates in Spain and keeps the others at bay

The latest Ministry of Health report says the strain is behind 96.5 per cent of the sequenced cases, and also details the situation with two other variants of concern


Spain's Ministry of Health latest coronavirus report has revealed that the Delta variant was behind 96.5 per cent of the sequenced cases in the country, leaving the rest of mutations playing a marginal role and on the verge of disappearing.

The report, published this Monday (6 September), was based on data from the week of 15 to 22 August, and confirms that the Alpha variant, that became predominant in Europe and the United States last spring, has almost been obliterated by Delta, and only has a presence that varies between zero and 6.9 per cent in the regions.

The other two strains of concern to the department (Beta, the South African variant, and Gamma, the Brazilian strain) "due to their possible increase in transmissibility and escape from the immune response" are also being kept at bay due to the strength of Delta. The percentage of cases in the different regions from these two variants ranged between zero and 11 per cent.