Carrefour trials the sale of second-hand clothing in two of its stores in Spain

The French supermarket chain aims to promote the recycling of clothes and is signed up to The Fashion Pact, an agreement to reduce the environmental footprint left by the fashion industry


Carrefour, the supermarket giant, has launched a pilot project in Madrid and Barcelona that could be rolled out to other stores in Spain if it is successful. The French company trialled the sale of second-hand clothes in two of its Spanish hypermarkets with the aim of promoting the recycling of clothes.

Since this summer, and in collaboration with the expert circular economy company Patapam, they have already managed to give a second lease of life to more than 4,000 baby, child, women and men's garments. All of them, carefully reviewed to ensure that they met all hygiene and safety requirements.

The Fashion Pact

The initiative is part of the strategy that the chain has developed to raise awareness in its stores and promote the responsible consumption of textiles. In 2019, the Carrefour group and other companies in the sector signed The Fashion Pact, an agreement to reduce the footprint left by the fashion industry.

The company is committed to making all of its TEX brand garments sustainable within a decade. To do this, an agenda has been set. By 2025, the company foresees that all it clothes will guarantee animal welfare and by 2025, that 50 per cent of TEX cotton garments will be ecological.


The company is already working on the use of recycled materials in the manufacture of their products in order to use less water and energy during the process. It is also working to reduce the use of plastics and paper in TEX packaging, which has allowed the group to save the use of 255 tonnes of paper and 116 tonnes of plastic since 2019.