False foodies on the web

There's an awful lot of rubbish on the web about Spanish food that has been written by people who should know better.

Frequently the culprit is someone who has undertaken to compile a collection of pieces about various national cuisines, so the end result is a badly-researched contribution that does not any county justice.

We can, for example, read on a impressive-looking website (that for some odd reason is titled 'Spanish omelette'), the gem that 'you can get meals in Spain that are very similar to the dishes found in the UK, although in Spain it is rare to find red meat, preferring fish and corn-fed poultry.'

Another surprising observation is that wherever you travel in Spain, you will be offered 'Spanish dishes, thanks to Spanish emigration to other countries' (work that one out), including dishes similar to American barbecues (so they do like red meat after all!).

It is comforting to learn that there are many dishes from Spain's traditional cuisine that are 'so common as to be considered normal, such as rice and beans, fried plantains, and chorizo with beef, washed down by black (sic) and white wine.'

Andalusian coastal cuisine tends to be very spicy, prepared with black pepper and chilis; paella is made with 'steamed white rice and seafood sauce' (never!), and authentic Mexican food is served throughout the country.

The world wide web is a source of endless information, and no-one controls what is actually published there. Within reason nothing is out-of-bounds, but for the sake of food lovers everywhere, at least make sure the facts are right.