Enough is enough

We've seen it coming for that last few days but that doesn't make it any less outrageous. The Junta de Andalucía has jumped on the nonsense bandwagon and has proposed - as other regions governed by other parties have done - that they take away our freedom to go out at night once again.

They're doing it now, because it's the only way they have to show the general public that they are doing something, even though they're justing putting on a sticking plaster that has absolutely no use apart from taking a new swipe at our rights as citizens.

The first state of alarm brought in due to the pandemic - and perhaps the second - had a justified reason and saved thousands of lives, whatever the Constitutional Court - whose members should have retired by now according to their own rules - might say.

No one in Spain or in any other country knew what exactly was happening. It's never good to go over the top, but at least they had the excuse of ignorance.

What they are saying now though is just a joke. Once again they are punishing the hospitality industry with limited opening times, when it's more than evident that the serious infections occur among the 50-plus age group who have not been vaccinated, and among young people.

What the Junta de Andalucía is really trying to tell us is that they are incapable of enforcing the law. With this new decision they are giving the impression that we are living in a kind of anarchy run by youngsters who go around having wild 'botellón' drinking parties that the police can't control.

It seems to me that their management of the health situation has been unable to trace the virus effectively. What's more they've made it so that it's impossible to make a face-to-face appointment with a doctor. And they have been unable to reduce the waiting time for a PCR test.

The administration is covering up its own shortfalls by attacking our rights. Enough is enough.