Why Malaga is the best place to have a business in 2021

With 2020 at an end, most of us are looking forward to starting afresh in 2021. With vaccination under way, optimism is definitely in the air. The sense that the new year will be a good one for locations that offer what people want.

I believe that Malaga is one of them. And one of the best because the city brings together exactly what tourists and would-be relocators will be looking for in 2021. Here’s why.

Safety first. Top of visitors’ priorities will be health and safety guarantees and Malaga offers several:

-The Malaga Safe for You campaign provides weekly antigen tests to employees working in tourism, culture or retail.

-Malaga city has the World Travel and Tourism Council Safe Travels stamp recognising tourist destinations that have health and hygiene protocols in place.

-Guaranteed Covid-19 insurance from the Junta de Andalucía for non-resident foreigners staying in registered accommodation. It provides cover for hospital healthcare, accommodation in an apartment and repatriation.

All that sunshine and light. Malaga is one of the few places in Europe offering 320 guaranteed days of sunshine a year. Plus, the winters are mild and the city enjoys a daily 10 hours of daylight.

By mid-January, the thought of a weekend or short break in the sunshine will be irresistible for many Northern Europeans, virus or no virus. Expect big interest in Malaga this winter.

Plenty of new investment. Despite the effects of the pandemic, businesses have continued to invest in Malaga. More construction cranes have sprung up on the skyline and there’s big investment in hotels and high-end residential property.

Malaga is already looking ahead to the next five years and betting on strong tourism and relocation markets.

A top place to live. Malaga regularly features on ‘best place to live’ rankings and the latest came from Forbes last November. Malaga is one of the 20 best places for Americans to live in Europe because it’s “family friendly and also very suitable for single digital nomads or couples, as well as retirees who wish to live an active, culturally rich and lively retirement.”

Great communications. Malaga does communications very well. The Airport has direct flights from dozens of European cities and down on the ground, well-maintained roads connect the city to the rest of the Costa del Sol and beyond.

Online connectivity is just as important in today’s work-from-home world – 5G arrived in the city in 2020 and fibre-optic internet is widely available.

Something for everyone. As Forbes pointed out, Malaga caters for any demographic and from all walks of life. Best of all? They all get a warm welcome.

Looking forward to 2021. My glass is always half-full, but natural optimism aside, I genuinely believe that 2021 will be Malaga’s year. The year when the city emerges as one of Europe’s preferred destinations for safe, sunny and quality short-breaks and relocation. And the year that the city’s best businesses reap real rewards.

Joanna Styles is CEO of Guide to Malaga, a provider of information in English about the city for tourists and residents.