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The world needs more chaps like Christian López, who dedicates much of his time to beating Guinness world records

Peter Edgerton

Friday, 27 November 2020, 16:10


The town of Torrijos, with a population of 13,466, lies about twenty minutes' drive to the north of the city of Toledo in Castilla-La Mancha.

Were you ever to pass by, you might be struck by its vivid urban art work or, indeed, the magnificent Palace of Pedro I. You might also see a chap running backwards in flippers with a determined yet mildly bemused look on his face.

This would be the rather splendid Christian López, 32, native of nearby Cabañas de la Sagra, who dedicates much of his time to beating Guinness world records.

Apart from the flipper thing, he's turned his hand to many other pursuits such as playing keepy-uppy with a ping pong ball on the side of a table tennis bat which feat he managed to endure for a mind-boggling 51 minutes at which point he probably sneezed or something. There's more.

Only last week our hero beat the Guinness world record for running a mile in Dutch clogs; his time was under seven minutes which, bearing in mind each clog weighs one kilo 300 grammes, is pretty stirring stuff. It's unclear whether The Chariots Of Fire soundtrack was playing in the background.

One of his specialities is running backwards, not always in flippers and, to this end, he wears rear view mirrors. Balancing a mountain bike on your chin for ten minutes? Christian's your man.

The world needs more chaps like this - striving for greatness in a not necessarily dignified manner.

Spanish people hold some other wonderful records, including the fastest ever marathon dressed as a clown, the preparation of sixty bathfuls of gazpacho, the making of the biggest red carpet in the world and the sale of the world's most expensive cheese.

Anyway, back to our mate Christian. Remember the sack race at school which principally consisted of children falling over in a heap while a red-faced PE teacher blew a whistle indiscriminately as if he had any control over proceedings whatsoever? Well, López holds the world record for the fastest ever hundred metres jumping in a sack.

As far as I can tell Christian is currently in possession of a total of forty world records, although this might be changing as I write as he flicks a selection of garden peas up Mount Kilimanjaro with a pair of knitting needles dressed as Snow White.

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