The virus is still with us

The state of alarm is over, but the virus is still here. Although most of the restrictive measures that have marked our days for more than three months have now been lifted, the reason why we had to lock ourselves away is still a danger, however much people want to think that it's all over.

Big mistake! The pandemic is more alive than ever; you only have to look at the numbers of dead around the world.

It's true that Spain has managed to control the coronavirus and that the situation here is much better than in some other countries (especially on the American continent, where SARS CoV-2 is still at its peak). But that does not justify leaving precaution to one side or forgetting that the rate of infection will increase as soon as we make it easy for the virus to spread.

While we are still waiting anxiously for a vaccine, or for someone to find an effective treatment to overcome Covid-19, the best way of confronting the infection is in our hands. All we have to do is wash them (our hands) frequently, wear a face mask and keep a physical distance from others, avoiding crowds.

We all know that he who avoids fire, avoids getting burnt. And here, what could burn us is our overconfidence, believing that the coronavirus has gone back the way it came.

Overconfidence kills. So, if we don't want to have regrets once it's too late, let's first build up a defensive wall that protects us and others from contagion.

If we are responsible and behave cautiously, we will have taken an important step forward towards preventing unwanted outbreaks of an illness that makes no distinction and could cost anyone dearly.

It would be a shame if, through the apathy and carelessness of just a few, the majority had to pay the price and, in the worst case scenario, we all went back into lockdown.

Now we are in what they are calling the "new normal", but let's bear in mind that this normal does not mean going back to living exactly as we did before the appearance of SARS-CoV-2 - because we can't.

Whoever says we can is very much mistaken.

If the best defence is a good attack, let's defend ourselves from the virus with intelligence, attacking it where it hurts most, preventing it from spreading.

That's why wearing a face mask is vital. And masks should be worn covering the nose and mouth. It might seem like I'm stating the obvious, but masks were never meant for protecting elbows.