The generous guiri

Kristjan Rahu is a young man of 72, who looks friendly and good-natured with a round face and square glasses.

I know because his photographs are on Google. Google is a dangerous thing; I bet you've tried to look yourselves up and been surprised by what you've found.

Mr Rahu is from Estonia, which is a small northern European country. I more or less had an idea where it was but I had to look it up on a map to check. Google's map, obviously.

However, he is a man in love with Estepona, which he considers his second home; it's interesting how the name of both his homelands, the main one and the Spanish one, are similar: Est-onia, Est-epona.

I picture him celebrating his birthday, which is in August, with a big party around the pool at his villa, and I can only praise him for his good taste and ask him to invite me this summer; I hope he comes.

So far, nothing unusual. There are a lot of visitors like him, although I'm not sure quite how many from Estonia, which has fewer inhabitants than the province of Malaga.

You don't know because I haven't told you, but, although his name isn't familiar, this is no ordinary tourist,

Kristjan Rahu owns one of his country's big fortunes, a business owner in the energy sector, of the kind who just have to hop onto their private jet to spend the weekend at one of their Costa del Sol mansions.

If I'm talking about him today it's because his fondness for this area has led him to make a generous donation to the whole of Andalucía, in the form of 600,000 face masks and 30,000 protective suits for health workers. These will be in the hands of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) this week to help fight the virus.

Next time you feel like criticising the overcrowding, the noise and the inconvenience that tourists might cause, I only hope that you remember the hardships we are going through now they're not here.

And, like our generous 'guiri', some tourists prove that they love this land as much as, if not more than, the Malagueños themselves.