Hard times

Everyone is experiencing a sharp change in lifestyle during lockdown, not just adults and children, but also animals who cannot comprehend that it's for our own good to bring coronavirus under control and to an eventual end.

It's tough too for pet owners, especially the elderly or infirm, who face shopping to fetch heavy pet food, perhaps with no car.

Pet food puts additional strain on family finances. Some work may have dried up - and with it the much-needed income - but animals still require their food. The pets suffer and are sometimes abandoned. (We cannot help but observe that some owners still manage to afford to smoke and drink.)

Erny and I put our pets at the top of our priority list, we simply could not live without them. However, priorities differ. As we look around we see more abandoned pets seeking food. It's a sad situation which the animals simply do not understand.

If you love animals you can help in the present situation. Maybe you know someone who has a pet but is struggling to manage with transporting heavy pet food from the supermarket. Putting a few extra kilos of dog food or cat food in your car and dropping them off at the home of an elderly or infirm pet owner will make the world of difference.

Taking their dog for a walk will make a very happy pet. And what about the pet's annual vaccination at the vet?

Maybe a bag or tin of pet food on your shopping list, when you know of some pet owner who is struggling financially? Yes, you can make a difference.