Dear masks

In the all-out war the entire world has embarked upon against coronavirus, we’re learning something new every day. The better we know the enemy, more chance we have to defeat it.

So little was known about Covid-19 that people have been hitting out blindly all over the place; and we have learned from their mistakes.

There will be plenty of time, when the waters settle and this health crisis, of a kind that hasn’t been seen in a hundred years, is over to analyse the mistakes that have been made. And there have been a lot.

Now our priority has to be to defeat the virus, reduce the numbers of new infections as soon as possible and, above all, prevent as many deaths as possible. Confinement is starting to take effect. Thank goodness, because if after being more than three weeks locked away, the spread of coronavirus had not been curbed, it would have been a failure of epic proportions.

People have realised that it’s lives that are at risk, and excepting some irresponsible individuals, and there are always some, they have stayed at home.

Once the quarantine, marked by the state of alarm, is less strict, we will still have to take maximum care to prevent infection.

Being imprisoned at home for six weeks, at the least, will have been little use if then we fly into the streets believing that there is no longer any risk, when really we will still be a long way off being able to say that we have defeated this coronavirus.

One of the measures that the government appears to be thinking of approving for the next stage when we start to go out again is to make everyone wear a mask.

There can be no objections to that but will there be enough masks for the 47 million inhabitants of Spain?

Masks are single-use. So they would have to make a tremendous number of them to make sure there were enough to go round.

Can this be done?

And another thing. Will the government give out masks free of charge or will we have to pay for them?

I’m asking because the price they are asking for the few available now is quite expensive (almost eight euros for a mask that can only be used once).

A lot of people cannot afford this, especially as they will have to buy a lot each to make sure that they have enough replacements.