Bah humbug

Like me, many Brits on the Costa del Sol woke up feeling numb, shell-shocked this morning. Some sort of majority was likely, but not the landslide that has happened. Brexit is now inevitable. Under what terms exactly we don’t know, but we can safely assume that sooner or later the UK will leave the EU. The prime minister has been saying it will be as soon as 31 January.

By mid-morning on Thursday, reports were coming in of unprecedented numbers of people queuing outside polling stations, following a surge of people registering to vote. My idiotic assumption was they were younger voters determined to stop Boris Johnson and Brexit. It would seem that was far from the case. Images of Boris Johnson hiding in fridges to avoid reporters were not enough to persuade undecided voters to vote Labour. Maybe it was the images of him kissing his dog outside the polling station that swayed them in the end.

But will we be able to focus on enjoying Christmas without the B words (Boris and Brexit) now that the election is over? The answer is no. We now face more gruelling months of the Brexit deal and then years of negotiations, regardless of how quickly the country officially leaves. Not to mention the NHS being shipped off to the USA and straight into the hands of Donald Trump. Bah, humbug!

This was a general election and other issues needed to be considered, but it was essentially about Brexit. Brexit can’t be undone, at least not for a very, very long time. General elections, however, come and go and minds can be changed the next time round.

One might have thought the electorate would have gone to the polls more informed about what Brexit actually entails. I thought Britain had never felt so European. That proved not to be the case either. Perhaps, though, both Boris and Brexit will be kind enough to hide in a fridge long enough for us all to enjoy Christmas at least.