Peace and reconciliation

Like millions of others, I am still hoping that Brexit can be averted. There are many angles to the debate, including the economy, health, education, research, the environment, the standing rights of all EU citizens to live, work, and love where they choose, the future of young people, and many more, and every one of those seems to me to be a strong argument to remain. The ones which are getting fewer mentions these days, but which are also very valid reasons, are our shared European culture and, to quote the Nobel Peace Prize committee, the EU's "advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe".

I think it's the last one we should be emphasising and if by whatever process the advocates of remaining succeed, we must go on advancing peace and reconciliation in the UK too. Everybody, government included, must take on board the reasons the 52% had for voting to leave, and make sure their issues are addressed. No crowing, no insults, no more divisiveness, just work to get us all back on track.