For as long as the world has been the world, man has sought immortality. Without success, of course. Until now. Or, to be more precise, until 2045. That year, which is only just around the corner, will be when dying will become optional, according to the engineers José Luis Cordeiro and David Wood.

Both have written a book, launched a few days ago at the Círculo Ecuestre in Barcelona, in which they pay tribute to the human being's dreams of eternity. In La Muerte de La Muerte (literally, The Death of Death) they claim that immortality and rejuvenation are possible, from a scientific point of view. Cordeiro and Wood explain that progress in different technologies, especially in nanotechnology, will change the pattern of death. People will depart from this valley of tears due to accidents, but not through natural causes.

As the writers of this book are scientists who know what they are talking about, we can assume that their ideas are supported by solid arguments and not the prediction of a witch doctor or a charlatan. Of course independently of what really happens it's not so absurd, as Cordeiro and Wood say, to think that genetic edition could convert bad genes into good ones, which would prevent many deaths.

Add to this the application of regenerative medicine, the suppression of dead cells in the body, stem cell therapy, cell recovery and the 3D printing of organs, the scenario is promising. We know, though, that promises were made to be broken.

The authors of La Muerte de la Muerte also believe that illnesses such as cancer will be curable in ten years' time. Live with optimism is the motto of these two engineers, whom time will prove right or wrong. For the time being we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. And wait and see.

But don't worry, even if people don't die there is still a lot of room on planet Earth for more population. And, what's more, in the hyperthetical case of the world becoming full, we can also inhabit space, say Cordeiro and Wood, who have a solution for everything.

Cordeiro, who is Venezuelan with Spanish parents, has gone even further and said, to anyone who might be listening, that he has no intention of dying and that, apart from immortal, in 30 years' time he will be younger than he is now. And we can only follow that statement with another: I'll believe that when I see it.