Irrational spring behaviour

  • At this time of year extra care needs to be taken around animals

March has arrived and we find there is a lot of truth in the saying “as mad as a March hare”, although why that particular animal has been chosen for an example is debatable. Indeed all animals seem to be rather crazy. Probably due to the feeling of spring in the air. Birds have laid eggs or are about to do so. Animals are on the prowl in search of a mate or are carrying their young. As we drive around the countryside of this beautiful land we have made our home we must all be on the lookout for sudden irrational behaviour by animals, both domestic and wild.

It is a distressing experience to knock down an animal or bird and find it lying in the road. It has happened to me on a few occasions and every time I feel upset and guilty. Sometimes a rapid journey to a vet is required but sometimes it is too late and then you need to put the poor creature to sleep, however distressing it may be; never leave it to suffer and die slowly.

If you go to a vet there will be a bill to pay although most vets will take into account the fact you have acted in kindness. You need to pay. That is the price of being compassionate. Would you want to be otherwise?

Many people who have horses want to take to the roads to enjoy the fine days and horses are skittish in the spring, so drive past them carefully, giving a wide birth and never hoot which will startle the animal.

If you find an injured animal or bird and seek to save it by giving it warmth or water which often helps, do try to avoid direct contact with your hands; your scent may well result in the mother rejecting it when they are reunited.

Walking over a moor with a friend, we came across two lambs which had been injured. How it happened we did not know. We had no gloves but shed items of clothing to wrap them in. A farm was nearby so we took them there and they were joined by the mother who welcomed them. This probably would not have been the case had we handled them. It was worth getting cold to achieve the result.

Yes, it is a time for irrational behaviour by animals and we need to exercise great care.