Europe's largest cocaine distribution network, with an operations base in Malaga, is smashed

Police officers make arrests.
Police officers make arrests. / CNP
  • A total of 61 people have been arrested after a year of police investigations involving forces from Spain, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia

National Police officers in Spain, working together with other European police forces, have smashed what is considered to be the largest cocaine distribution network on the continent.

The operation, that had been in the making for three years, was coordinated by Europol.

More than 4,000 kilos of cocaine have been seized and 61 arrests have been made and, in addition, marijuana, heroin, amphetamines, cash and weapons have been seized.

The Spanish, Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian police forces were the most closely involved in the operation. And, to a lesser extent, officers from Germany and Colombia also played a part.

The person involved from Montenegro had established his operations base, temporarily, in Malaga, although he frequently travelled to Madrid and Barcelona, as well as Serbia, Hungary and Slovenia, among other countries.

'Financial muscle'

Police sources say the network was one of the most significant criminal organisations operating in Europe, characterised by integrating paramilitary members among its ranks and been involved in a multitude of crimes, mainly drug trafficking, theft of vehicles, robbery of homes, money laundering, extortion and kidnappings.

“It was a very complex organisation with a lot of mobility, and a lot of financial muscle”, they added.