Alert for 'phishing' emails impersonating companies such as Amazon, Apple and MediaMarkt

Don't be fooled by the fraudulent emails.
Don't be fooled by the fraudulent emails. / SUR
  • Spain's National Institute of Cybersecurity has revealed the tricks the scammers use to try and trick people into revealing their personal details and banking information

The National Institute of Cybersecurity in Spain (Incibe) has warned this week of a wave of fraudulent 'phishing' emails that impersonate the identity of well-known companies with the aim of seizing the personal and bank details of the victims, with the hook of supposed gifts.

According to Incibe, part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, these emails pose to be from Amazon, MediaMarkt or Apple and promise gifts of electronic products and discount vouchers.

Once the user's attention is captured, the scammers ask them to fill out a survey on a fake web page, which imitates one of reputable companies, in which personal and banking data will be requested in order to claim the ‘gift’.


These emails are often identified with the subject lines: 'You are on our list', 'We already have your MacBook Air, please confirm you data', 'Amazon has a surprise for you', 'Get the new macbook Pro13', 'You have been selected to obtain an exclusive reward! ', or similar, according to the Incibe alert.

Most of the emails are characterised by addressing the user using the first part of their email address instead of their name or surname.

The experts of the Institute of Cybersecurity advise never to trust emails from unknown user and delete them and do not reply. The institute advises that if have completed a survey and given your personal data and your credit card details, to "contact your bank as soon as possible to inform them of what happened."