Spain mops up after torrential rains and floods wash away cars

National Police officers help rescue motorists.
National Police officers help rescue motorists. / CNP
  • In Malaga province, hailstones the size of golf balls battered Antequera on Wednesday

Many areas of Spain are still mopping up this Thursday morning, 2 September, after much of the country was hit by torrential rains, thunderstorms and flooding on Wednesday.

An isolated, high-level depression (DANA) unleashed intense storms with heavy rainfall, lightning strikes and even hailstones that started in the morning and continued throughout much the day causing significant damage to infrastructure across the country.

Almost the entire mainland was under siege from the heavy rain, except for Andalucía and coastal areas. Aemet had activated yellow warnings for storms in the region’s Almeria, Granada and Jaén provinces, and added an amber alert in Malaga later in the day.

Spain mops up after torrential rains and floods wash away cars


Residents in Antequera were surprised by a fierce hailstorm in the morning that left a white blanket on streets and roofs. Hailstones, the size of a golf ball, bounced off cars and buildings.

Nationally, the climatic instability caused chaos in many areas of the Community of Madrid, although the storms also hit Castilla-La Mancha, Navarra, Teruel, Castellón and La Rioja.

It was the presence of very humid air and the daytime warming of the earth's surface that unleashed intense storms, strong gusts of wind and hail that resulted in flooding of streets and houses, washed away cars and blocked roads.

This Thursday, the weather instability is expected to shift towards the Pyrenees, the east and the Balearic Islands.