Covid-19 death woman leaves 30,000 euros to a town in Andalucía

Piedad and the mayor of Cúllar Vega, Jorge Sánchez.
Piedad and the mayor of Cúllar Vega, Jorge Sánchez. / AYUNT. CÚLLAR VEGA
  • In her will, Piedad Aguilar Moreno left the money to residents in Cúllar Vega to fund social and cultural projects

An Andalusian woman, who died from Covid-19 last November, has left 30,000 euros in her will to fund social and cultural projects in the town she loved so much.

Piedad Aguilar Moreno, from Cúllar Vega, in Granada, was a well-known member of the community where she actively participated in all municipal activities for years.

It has now been revealed that the 78-year-old declared in her will that 30,000 euros of her estate should be invested in cultural and social initiatives in Cúllar Vega. To enable this she chose Jorge Sánchez, a personal friend who is also the mayor of the town.

“Piedad did not leave the money to the town hall of Cúllar Vega, much less to me as mayor or as a neighbour. She wanted me to donate it to who she loved so much, and for this she chose me as executor, to make sure that the money was destined for projects in the town,” explained Sánchez.

The councillor described this gesture as "simply incredible", and pointed out that the trust placed in him fills him with pride.

"Now I have the enormous responsibility of channelling these funds so that they become beautiful projects that benefit our people and, above all, that they close to what she would have wanted."

He pointed out that all the projects carried out with these 30,000 euros (some of which are already underway and will be announced shortly) will carry the Legado de Piedad Aguilar Moreno logo, “and will be developed with the collaboration of the associations and groups in Cúllar Vega “which she had connections with, or even belonged to.”

Jorge Sánchez said it was important that the public should know of this gesture, "and the show of affection” which will be recognised by the town council.

The mayor also thank the family of the deceased for "the collaboration they have given to resolve some of the bureaucratic issues that originate from any inheritance."