The fifth wave of Covid-19 continues its decline in Spain

Two workers talk at the door of a residence in Lugo.
Two workers talk at the door of a residence in Lugo. / EUROPA PRESS
  • The cumulative incidence rate for the disease has continued to drop and the Ministry of Health, in its daily update, notified 12,445 new positives and 121 deaths

The fifth wave of the coronavirus continues its decline in Spain, despite the fact that on Thursday, 19 August, the number of positives experienced a slight rebound, with 12,445 cases notified by the Ministry of Health following the 11,956 on Wednesday.

Some 121 deaths were added to the global count, bringing the total number of deaths - with a positive Covid test - since the beginning of the pandemic to 82,904.

What continues to improve, and is the best sign that the virus is beginning to be controlled, is the cumulative incidence at fourteen days, which has fallen by another 17 to stand at 360.56. The seven-day incidence also continues to decline.

Hospital pressure continues to ease. Coronavirus patients occupy 7.26 per cent of all beds (7.53 per cent the day before) and 20.12 per cent of intensive care unit beds (20.28 per cent on Wednesday) - specifically 8,507 patients on wards and 1,847 in ICUs.