Andalucía adds 37 coronavirus deaths in a day, the worst figure for more than three months

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  • The region's incidence rate continues to drop to 419 and just 1,126 new infections have been registered in the last 24 hours

The Andalusian region has this Wednesday, 18 August, recorded 37 deaths from Covid, the worst data since 11 May, when 54 were recorded in a single day, and it represents 29 more deaths than Tuesday.

However, the number of new coronavirus infections reported has dropped to 1,126, down 2,177 compared to the day before.

By provinces, Seville continues as the one with the most positive tests with 317, followed by Malaga with 188, Huelva with 131, Cadiz with 118, Almeria with 112, Cordoba with 106, Granada with 96 and Jaén with 58.

The region’s coronavirus cumulative incidence rate has also decreased to 419.1 per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, down 38.2 in 24 hours and some 123.3 fewer in a week.

As for the 37 deaths, ten were registered in Malaga province, eight each in Seville and Almería, four in Granada, two each in Cadiz, Cordoba and Jaén, and one in Huelva.