Junta advocates a Covid passport to travel, access sport events, bars and restaurants

Juan Marín also called for care home staff to be jabbed or produce negative PCR tests.
Juan Marín also called for care home staff to be jabbed or produce negative PCR tests. / SUR
  • The Andalusian regional government's vice president said it should be considered 'normal' to be asked to present it, like you do with identity documents for the police

The Andalusian Government would like to see the creation of a unique Covid passport so that it becomes a "single health card" in the Shengen area that is valid for use in all establishments, on means of transport and at events, the vice president, Juan Marín, has announced.

The Junta’s number two said it would be a "useful tool" and said it should be considered "normal" to be asked for this document "to go to a restaurant, to football or to get on a plane or train – for as long as the virus is still with us.”

He said, in his opinion, "it would help us to be more secure in health matters, and showing this passport would be like showing an identity card when the Guardia Civil or the police stop us."

Marín highlighted the ease with which the doucment would be obtained and it could be downloaded to a mobile phone. It would certify that the person is vaccinated twice and would allow access to any event, such as next season's football matches in the Spanish League.

The number two of the regional government has also appealed to minors between 12 and 16 years of age to be vaccinated and return to the classroom next year school "safer and minimising the number of infections."

He also reiterated that a vaccination or a negative PCR test will be required for those who work in nursing homes for the elderly in Andalucía, saying that "a personal decision cannot affect third parties," alluding to the staff who refuse to be jabbed. Marín said, after some of the tragedies in these establishments during the toughest period of the pandemic, “we cannot afford any upturns when they are almost Covid-free and with hardly any deaths.”

Likewise, he said was optimistic about the evolution of the fifth wave and pointed out that "the situation has stabilised and the number of hospitalised people has decreased and there is no pressure on the healthcare system."