Spain exceeds the 700 incidence rate and adds 61,625 coronavirus infections over the weekend

People on the streets of Bilbao.
People on the streets of Bilbao. / R.C.
  • Indicators appear to show the slowdown of the fifth wave of the virus, although the 47 deaths is a record this July

Spain continues to approach a level of new coronavirus infection levels that have not been seen since the pandemic's third wave, after the Christmas holiday celebrations.

The national 14-day cumulative incidence rate reached 700.10 cases per 100,000 inhabitants this Monday (26 July) after climbing 22 points since Friday, a rate that has not been seen in the Ministry of Health’s statistics since 5 February.

And the weekend saw another 61,625 new infections registered in the country. However, despite the large number, it is three infections fewer than seven days ago – suggesting a slow down.

Also, the cumulative incidence rate at seven days stands at 338.94 cases, less than half the incidence at 14 days, which almost always predicts a decline in transmission, at least at the national level, in the coming days.

In fact, there were five regions in which the incidence rate fell in the last 24 hours: Castilla y León (down 66 points), Catalonia (40), Aragón (35), Melilla (22) and the Asturias (21). On the other hand, Galicia registered 80 points more, the Basque Country (71), La Rioja (66) and Cantabria (59), too.

Therefore, the whole country continues to be at 'extreme risk', exceeding 250 cases cases per 100,000 inhabitants, with the exception of Melilla, which is at 'high risk'.

The incidence rate rose in all age groups with the exception of the group that most worries, that of the 20 to 29 year olds. In that age group, the incidence rate fell 8 points, the largest decrease since the beginning of this fifth wave. However, this group of twenty-somethings continues at very worrying levels, especially in Navarra where it registered an incidence rate of 3,445 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last two weeks.

Secretary of State for Health, Silvia Calzón, said, "A slowdown in the rate of incidence growth is beginning to be observed, although there continue to be important differences between regions." However, she pointed out that "hospital admissions are lower than in previous waves due to the high vaccination coverage of the elderly". Thus, she explained, the average age of Covid patients in hospital has been reduced to 45 - 50 years and that in intensive care units the average age of those admitted is 50 years.