Junta considers new Covid measures as incidence rate almost doubles in two weeks

A previous meeting of the regional government's 'committee of experts'.
A previous meeting of the regional government's 'committee of experts'. / SUR
  • The 'committee of experts' meets today and the Minister of Health has already said lockdowns and selective curfews could be among the restrictions considered

The Junta de Andalucía's Covid-19 'committee of experts', meets this Tuesday afternoon (20 July) to review the pandemic situation in the region and decide what measures are required to control the spread of the coronavirus.

In the two weeks since their last meeting, the cumulative incidence rate of the disease in Andalucía has almost doubled and there are 36 per cent more patients in hospital with the virus.

The region’s cumulative incidence rate of confirmed Covid-19 infections in the last 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants now stands at 398.5, compared to the 202.7 on 6 July.

In addition, hospitals in Andalucía had 712 coronavirus patients admitted as of this Monday (19 July), 149 of them in an intensive care unit, compared to the 524 counted two weeks ago, of which 122 were in ICUs.

In the last fortnight the number of people fully vaccinated has increased. Compared to the 3,591,069 people who had been given the two doses as of 6 July, this Monday there were 4,384,513 people who have received both. That is equivalent to 51.79 per cent of the total population and 62.07 per cent of those over 16 years of age, which make up the so-called 'target population' for the vaccination campaign.

Selective curfews

With these figures, among others, on the table the committee of experts will debate the possibility of adopting new restrictions in Andalucía or maintaining existing measures.

The Minister of Health, Jesús Aguirre, speaking on Monday, said "all options are open with the weapons we have" while also confirming that the Delta variant of the coronavirus is already responsible for the "majority" of cases in Andalucía. He said that the committee of experts could consider more perimeter closures or selective curfews in some areas, but he would not elaborate further on the matter and said it is the committee of experts that will decide.

Hospital pressure

Elías Bendodo, the Junta’s spokesman warned this Monday that the "worrying" increase in coronavirus infections in Andalucía is beginning to "already have an impact" on number of patients in hospital and intensive care units, with 200 more admitted in just two weeks.

Meanwhile the vice president of the regional government, Juan Marín, said that despite the increase in admissions, there is no "pressure on healthcare" in Andalucía, adding that he hoped that the restrictions agreed at the committee of experts meeting will be "similar to those that we have been adopting up to now."