Andalucía's committee of experts meet to discuss new Covid restrictions

A previous meeting of the Committee of Experts.
A previous meeting of the Committee of Experts. / SUR
  • The Junta's vice president has criticised 'the irresponsibility of those who are not willing to respect the rules' to avoid spreading the coronavirus

The evolution of the pandemic situation in Spain has prevented Andalucía from moving forwards in its plan to ease coronavirus control measures in recent weeks.

On Tuesday (20 July), the regional government’s committee of Covid-19 experts will meet again, which could see it decide to vary the current restrictions depending on the spread of the disease in Andalucía.

At their last meeting, held on Tuesday 6 July, the region's infection rate data prevented the committee from easing measures, with the exception of the opening hours of bars and restaurants with terraces: that allows them to serve until midnight and open until 1am in the morning, although they cannot admit customers or serve after midnight.

In recent days several regions, including Andalucía, have called on central government for more tools to contain the advance of the pandemic.

Last Thursday the Junta’s head, Juanma Moreno, said that he did not rule out the adoption of "more drastic" measures to try to stop the spread of the disease, while expressing his "concern" and that the regions did not have "regulatory instruments" to be able to fight the pandemic after the state of alarm subsided.

On Saturday, the Junta de Andalucía’s vice president, Juan Marín, said that if, after the meeting scheduled for Tuesday, the committee of experts "recommends" an "advance" of the closing hours of establishments or "any other measure, we will accept it".

In addition, he warned of the risk of "halting" the recovery and economic growth of the region because of the "irresponsibility of some who are not willing to respect the rules" to avoid the spread of Covid-19.