This is how to obtain the EU Digital Covid Certificate

It is available in digital or printed format.
It is available in digital or printed format. / SUR
  • The document, that facilitates travel through the European Union countries, is generally issued by the autonomous regions in Spain

The European Union activates the Digital Covid Certificate today (1 July) that aims to simplify travel between EU countries.

The document will prove that a person has been fully-vaccinated against Covid-19, has recovered from the disease or has had a negative test in the last 48 or 72 hours, as determined by the different countries.

It is a free document and it is not mandatory, but if it is used, it should make the journey easier and avoid delays at border controls.

The Spanish government insists that "this certificate is simple, safe, reliable and free, and you can have it in electronic or paper format."

But how do you obtain it?

In Spain it is issued, in general, by the autonomous regions, although in addition, the national Ministry of Health has also enabled a fully electronic procedure to apply for a certifcate.

In the case of Andalucía, the EU Digital Covid Certificate can be obtained on the ClicSalud + website or via the 'Salud Andalucía' app, but it can also be collected in person at a health centre.

This is how to obtain the EU Digital Covid Certificate


The Junta de Andalucía explains that to obtain it through the website it is necessary to securely identify yourself, ideally using a digital certificate or a Cl@ve password.

On the 'Salud Andalucía' app, the Junta says the link to start the process to download Covid-19 Certificates will appear prominently on the home screen.

The document can also be obtained on the Ministry of Health’s website, at .

On this website, you need to have a digital certificate or a permanent Cl@ve. The permanent Cl@ve must be confirmed with another temporary code that will be sent to your mobile, so it is necessary that it is registered in the system. You will need a Cl@ve Firma or the AutoSignature programme to sign the application.

To resolve any questions relating to the applictaion procedure, the Ministry has a telephone helpline number 910 50 98 88, operating from Monday to Sunday from 8am to 10pm, as well as the email address