Video | Three pulled from the sea after spectacular drug boat chase


The chase happened just off the coast of Andalucía. / SUR

  • Police had to shoot at the boat's engine to stop it after the three occupants fell from the craft when it made a tight turn at high speed

Guardia Civil officers had to rescue three people from the sea after they fell overboard from a powerful, rubber-hulled craft – of the type often used for drug and people trafficking - at the weekend.

The three occupants of the eight-metre boat with a 300-horsepower engine boat were pitched into the sea when it made a tight turn at high speed following a chase off the coast of Cadiz in Andalucía.

Police were forced to shoot at the engine of the craft to stop it after it continued on its way out-of-control.

Three young people from Ceuta - one of them unconscious - were plucked from the water by the Guardia Civil officers.

The three face alleged crimes of smuggling, disobedience and resistance, although the boat was empty at the time the officers stopped it.