Catalonia heading for a re-run of elections

ERC spokesperson Sergi Sabrià.
ERC spokesperson Sergi Sabrià. / EFE
  • Left-wing separatists ERC are the biggest nationalist party but need to reach an agreement with other nationalist groups

There is still no agreement between nationalist parties in Catalonia to form a coalition government.

Left-wing separatists ERC (Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya) are the biggest nationalist party but still cannot reach an agreement with the smaller Junts.

Elections were held in February when the most-voted party was the PSC - the Catalan branch of the Socialist party - whose candidate was former health minister Salvador Illa.

The nationalist parties together however gained a majority of seats but need to reach a deal to secure the investiture of ERC leader Pere Aragonés as regional president.

The parties have until 26 May to do a deal or go to the polls again.