Those aged 57 to 59 years old can now make an appointment for their first Covid jab

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  • The Junta de Andalucía's Ministry of Health has opened the vaccination opportunity to people born in 1962, 1963 and 1964

From this Wednesday, 5 May, people in Andalucía born in 1962, 1963 and 1964 (who are currently 57, 58 or 59 years old), can request an appointment for their first Covid-19 jab.

The Junta de Andalucía’s Ministry of Health said the request must be made through ClicSalud +, the Salud Responde mobile phone app or the Salud Responde telephone number 955 54 50 60.

Likewise, the call for those born in 1953 and previous years (68 years of age or older) initiated on 28 April is also maintained.

The appointment request for the first vaccination is available to all people included in the aforementioned age groups who are registered in the SAS Andalusian public health system database, regardless of whether they have public or private health care.

The Ministry of Health emphasises that appointments are offered according to the vaccines available and also stipulate that only people of the age groups detailed can make an appointment, while for others in the prioritised groups the appointment will be made direct with the local health centres.

The Junta also adds that people with very high-risk pathologies (Group 7) should not make an appointment through these channels. These people will be summoned by phone and must wait to be called to be vaccinated at hospital.

People with Down’s syndrome who are 40 years of age or older will be called from primary care.