How and where in Spain you can see this week's Lyrids meteor shower

A previous meteor shower.
A previous meteor shower. / SUR
  • The astronomical show, which will continue until Sunday, will be at its best this Thursday

One of the most anticipated astronomical phenomena - the Lyrid meteor shower - will be visible to the naked eye from anywhere in Spain this week, from Monday (21 April) until Sunday, 25 April.

Although they are not usually abundant, they are quite bright, so it will be possible to spot them without needing binoculars or a telescope from anywhere in Spain, although it is advisable to move away from large cities and towns, where there is usually more light pollution.

The spectacle is expected to be at its best on Thursday night and the best time to witness it is when the Moon has set.

The meteor showers occur when the Earth, in its orbit around the Sun, crosses the orbit of a comet. The comet tails give off large amounts of dust and debris particles that are attracted by Earth's gravity and when they fall to Earth, they burn, producing showers of stars.