Easter restrictions remain unchanged in Spain with bars and shops allowed to open until 10.30pm

Health minister Carolina Darias.
Health minister Carolina Darias. / EFE
  • Ahead of a meeting between the Ministry of Health and the regions there were fears that tighter coronavirus control measures would be introduced to force businesses to lower their shutters earlier

After holding the country in suspense all day, the meeting of Spain's Ministry of Health and the autonomous regions this Wednesday afternoon (24 March) didn't even raise the measure of closing non-essential services at 8pm during Easter that the Health minister Carolina Darias had suggested might be on the table.

Darias had spent days testing the opinion of the regions to evaluate the option of lowering the shutters of shops and bars earlier in the evening.

However, as a result of this Wednesday's meeting all of the existing measures already agreed with the regions will remain in place including the ban on moving in or out of regions without a justified reason.

Prior to the meeting the Junta de Andalucía had openly said that it wanted to allow non-essential services to be allowed to remain open until 10.30pm and, also, continue with the current measures which include the perimeter closure of provinces, a night curfew between 11pm and 6am and meetings limited to a maximum of six people outdoors and four indoors.