Junta's leaders show political unity after the PP and Ciudadanos splits in Madrid and Murcia

Juanma Moreno and Juan Marín, in the Andalusian Parliament, yesterday.
Juanma Moreno and Juan Marín, in the Andalusian Parliament, yesterday. / EUROPA PRESS
  • President Juanma Moreno (Partido Popular), and his vice president, Juan Marín (Ciudadanos) said Andalucía will be "an island of stability" despite calls from Vox for an early election

The Andalusian regional government showed a unified front this Wednesday (10 March) after the political storm unleashed by the split between PP and Ciudadanos in Murcia and Madrid, which has led to a vote of no confidence in the first case and calls for an early election in the second.

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno (Partido Popular), and his vice president, Juan Marín (Ciudadanos), appeared together in the courtyard of the Andalusian parliament to insist that in the face of the major political problem unleashed in the midst of the pandemic, Andalucía will be "an island of stability."

They pair did so despite the fact that Vox, which until now has supported the government executive in parliamentary votes, has called for elections to be brought forward.

However, the top two officials of the Andalusian government said they would continue working together and dedicate the almost two years that remain in office to combat the pandemic and its economic consequences.

The president said that he was prompted to appear alongside Marín after receiving calls from various economic and social sectors that, after what happened in Madrid and Murcia, had showed their concern about the situation that could be unleashed in Andalucía.

Two objectives... health and employment

For this reason, he launched a message of "serenity and confidence" and assured that the regional government pact is in good health to carry out “responsible management in the face of the crisis.”

Moreno said that in Andalucía the relationship between both parties is one of "affection, understanding and mutual responsibility", which allows the Andalusian Government to face what it considers "the worst crisis in history".

“We have two objectives," he said, "health and employment."

"What Andalucía needs now is management and responsibility and, therefore, now is not the time for elections or motions of censure. Fortunately for the public the governing coalition in Andalucía is in robust health," he said.

In a similar vein, Marín said that his group of 21 parliamentarians is cohesive and without differences and will maintain the current course until the end of the term. "Amid the noise and instability, Andalucía will continue to be an island," he said.

The vice president pointed out that in December 2018 the majority of Andalusians voted in favour of political change and that direction will continue until the mandate is exhausted.

"This is not the time to make gestures or turns," he stressed.

In response to Vox's calls that elections be brought forward and their threat not to support the executive again in regional parliamentary votes, Marín said that it is not a matter that worries the executive, since it has been ruling in the minority since the beginning of the legislature and negotiating each law and each decree one by one. "It will not affect anything," he said.