Andalusian wage gap revealed as women earn an average of 6,000 euros a year less than men

The wage gap increases as age increases. File photograph.
The wage gap increases as age increases. File photograph. / SUR
  • The Junta de Andalucía's Rocío Ruiz said that the gender pay gap currently represents "one of the greatest social injustices in the world"

Women in Andalucía earn an average of 6,000 euros per annum less than men and also have double the number of part-time contracts, according to the 2020 Andalusian salary structure survey published by the regional government. It was released this Monday, 22 February, to mark Spain's Day of Salary Equality.

The Junta de Andalucía’s head of the Ministry of Equality, Rocío Ruiz, said that "the gender pay gap currently represents one of the greatest social injustices in the world".

According to the survey the average annual salary of women in 2018 was 18,672.11 euros, while that of men was 24,712.69 euros. The Junta said that the Andalusian wage gap is slightly higher than the national one, at 6,040.58 euros, which means that employed Andalusian women receive on average 24 per cent less in salary than employed men.

Likewise, the average earnings of women in relation to men is lower in all the age groups analysed, although the wage gap increases as age increases to 8,516.42 euros in the age group 55 and over.

Regarding the distribution of part-time contracts registered in the region during 2019, the proportion of part-time contracts registered for women was double that of men: 44.02 per cent compared to 21.81 per cent.

The Minister of Equality stated that "the wage gap is a measurable and quantifiable reality that directly affects women and girls around the world”.

Ruiz stressed that "various international organisations, such as UN Women, have pointed to an increase in inequalities and gender gaps due to the health, economic and social crisis caused by Covid-19" and added that "achieving equal pay is a major challenge to be able to enjoy the human rights of women and girls”.

The Andalusian Institute for Women (IAM) has prepared an 'Information Guide on the wage gap and feminisation of poverty' to mark the Day of Salary Equality. This informative guide, in pdf format, can be downloaded from the IAM website and includes relevant data on the salary gap, key concepts, updated regulations (regional, national and international), awareness-raising campaigns of interest and proposals for action to combat the remunerative discrimination that mainly affects women and that has “undoubtedly been affected and aggravated by the effects of the pandemic”.