Junta to start the Covid-19 vaccination of the over 90s who live at home this week

Vaccination of front-line healthcare professionals is well advanced. File photograph.
Vaccination of front-line healthcare professionals is well advanced. File photograph. / SUR
  • The coronavirus vaccination plan for care home residents and frontline health workers in Andalucía is almost complete

The Junta de Andalucía plans to begin vaccinating those over 90 years of age, who do not live in residences, against the coronavirus this week.

This will encompass some 37,000 people, according to the spokesman for the Andalusian Government, Elías Bendodo.

Bendodo also said that the first dose of the vaccine will also start to be given to home help personnel, which amounts to about 35,000 workers.

But, he warned, "Until more vaccines arrive and there is a high percentage of immunised people, no one will be able to rid us of new waves."

Bendodo urged the central government, headed by Pedro Sánchez, to demand more doses for Spain from the European Union in order to reach the summer with 70 per cent of the population immunised. Throughout February and March, Andalucía will receive just over a million doses, but it needs three million to reach the 70 per cent goal.

AstraZeneca for the under-50s

The decision of Spain’s Ministry of Health that the AstraZeneca vaccine should only be given to people between 18 and 55 years old, has forced the regional government to redesign the planned inoculation schedule.

Bendodo said that the Junta has prepared a new roadmap with the groups of people they want to be vaccinated as soon as possible. This week the central government authorised the vaccination of "essential workers" including police officers, military personnel, firefighters and teachers, as long as they are under 55.

These are in addition to health workers who are not on the Covid frontline, including physiotherapists and dentists, who are on the next target priority list.

As well as the essential workers mentioned above, the Junta de Andalucía also aims to use the AstraZeneca vaccine for transport workers, taxi drivers, employees of service stations and essential services such as electricity and telecommunications, workers in the food processing and production chain and journalists.

Elías Bendodo stressed that delivering this vaccination plan is viable as long as there are sufficient doses for it.

Mass vaccination plans

The spokesman for the Andalusian Government also reported that a team made up of professionals from the Ministry of Health is already working on a mass vaccination plan across the eight provinces when the central government doubles the delivery of doses..