Andalucía's Covid-19 committee of experts to meet to tighten restrictions as infections increase

File photograph of the Andalusian president with the committee of experts.
File photograph of the Andalusian president with the committee of experts. / EUROPA PRESS
  • The Junta's health minister, Jesús Aguirre, describes the data on the evolution of coronavirus cases as 'worrying' and anticipates that the new measures will affect mobility

The committee of experts that advises the Andalusian government on the coronavirus pandemic will meet this Friday, 15 January to "tighten" the current restrictions in the face of the "worrying" increase in infections and hospital admissions in recent days.

This was announced this Wednesday by the regional government’s health minister Jesús Aguirre on Canal Sur Radio.

Aguirre admitted that the data is "worrying", with an exponential increase in the accumulated incidence per 100,000 inhabitants, which stood at 314 at on Tuesday. He added that there is also a significant increase in hospital admissions, which in the coming days may mean more admissions to intensive care beds and deaths.

He insisted that the entire Andalusian government is very concerned about the evolution of the pandemic and added that, although the region is doing "fairly well" compared to the rest of Spain, "that cannot be a consolation” and it is necessary to make the right decisions at the right time in the event of a foreseeable worsening of the situation.

The health minister said that this Friday the advisory committee on high impact public health alerts will meet in Andalucía, to decide "more restrictive measures" than those adopted last week, which will affect, in all probability, "mobility” .

Currently Andalucía has a closed perimeter and you can only enter and leave the region for “justified reasons”. Movement between provinces is allowed.

The perimeter closure of the eight towns in the Campo de Gibraltar with a high rate of infections remains, and in the town of Añora (Córdoba) too.

The curfew is still set between 10pm and 6am.