Christmas period sees slump in coronavirus tests across Andalucía

A mobile virus testing unit in Andalucía. File photograph.
A mobile virus testing unit in Andalucía. File photograph. / ÑITO SALAS
  • According to official figures Andalucía is in the bottom three regions in Spain for the number of Covid-19 tests performed per inhabitant

Health workers in Andalucía performed 81,142 coronavirus tests over the Christmas holiday period between December 21 and 27, almost 15,000 fewer than in the previous week.

The rate of testing fell to 976 tests per 100,000 inhabitants from 1,149 the week before.

Andalucía currently sits in the bottom three regions in whole of Spain for the rate of tests performed only behind Murcia (with a rate of 932 tests per 100,000) and Aragon (945) and well behind the more than three thousand tests carried out by the Balearic Islands and Catalonia for every one hundred thousand people.

Across the whole of Spain the country went from performing 2,057 tests per 100,000 inhabitants between 14 and 21 December to just 1,793 a week later, coinciding with the beginning of Christmas.

The percentage of positive results out of the total number of tests performed nationally rose to 9.2 between 21 and 27 December, while in Andalucía the number is 8.2 per cent. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers that the epidemiological situation is out of control when this figure is above five per cent.

All regions are making an effort to increase the number of tests capable of detecting cases of coronavirus, an essential tool to know the real evolution of the pandemic.

Since the end of the first state of alarm, Spain has tripled the number of tests it does.

But the rate of positive test results remains worryingly high in regions such as Valencia, with more than 18 per cent, and Extremadura, with more than 15 per cent.