PM says it is up to Juan Carlos I to reveal his own whereabouts

Juan Carlos in UAE (maybe).
Juan Carlos in UAE (maybe). / NIUS
  • After initial speculation that the ex-monarch was in Portugal or Dominican Republic, evidence emerged he may have flown to or via Abu Dhabi

The location of Juan Carlos, King Emeritus and father of Felipe VI, was still unknown on Thursday evening, over ten days since it was first announced he was leaving Spain.

PM Pedro Sánchez said that it was a private matter and it was down to the Royals or Juan Carlos I to say where he now was.

After news was released of Juan Carlos's departure, in order to distance the Crown from a financial scandal in his private life, speculation was rife last week as to where he may have gone.

Despite first suggestions that he had gone from Galicia into Portugal or flown to the Dominican Republic, a new theory emerged last Friday.

The ABC newspaper claimed that a private plane had taken the former monarch to Abu Dhabi via Malta and that Juan Carlos had stayed in a luxury hotel there owned by the rulers, with whom he is friendly. Online newspaper Nius published a photo of him supposedly leaving the plane in Abu Dhabi (UAE). Some said he was on his way to New Zealand.

The UP party has kept up its pressure on PSOE coalition partner Sánchez over the future of the monarchy. UP minister Alberto Garzón said, "The point isn't whether Juan Carlos is a good person, but how and, above all, why he was able to do what he did," referring to allegations of multimillion-euro commissions.