What time can I go out for a walk from Saturday?

What time can I go out for a walk from Saturday?
  • Adults and teenagers 14 and over can go out between 6am and 10am and between 8pm and 11pm to walk or practise individual sports

  • Separate times have been designated for the elderly and for children

The Ministry of Health has set fixed timetables for people to leave the home for non-essential physical exercise from Saturday (2 May) in Spain.

According to the regulations announced on Thursday, and published in the official state gazette (BOE) on 1 May, children and adults out for walks will have to stick to a specific time period, a measure practically all of the regional authorities in Spain had called for.

Adults and over-14s

From 2 May, adults and teenagers aged 14 and over can to go out for walks and to practise individual sports once a day between 6am and 10am or between 8pm and 11pm.

A maximum of two people can go out for a walk together, as long as they have been living together during the lockdown.

Adults and teenagers over 14 years old can go out for a walk once a day and they must stay within a one-kilometre radius of their homes. The regulations published in the BOE on Friday clarified that there is no limit of one hour for the length of walks, as suggested on Thursday, as long as the time slots mentioned above are adhered to.

Those practising individual sports, for example cyclists and runners, will be allowed to go further away from their homes than the one-kilometre limit set for walks, but must stay within their municipal boundary.

The one-outing-a-day rule applies to all types of physical exercise.

To prevent the spread of Covid-19, anyone outside doing physical exercise must keep a distance of two metres from other people. Spaces where there are already a lot of people should be avoided.

The regulations published on 1 May do not make it obligatory to wear a face mask while exercising, but state that the Covid-19 prevention and hygiene measures established by the health authorities should be adhered to. These recommend the use of masks.

Sports activity should be carried out without unnecessary stops in public areas. When physical conditions require a pause in activity, this should be for only as long as necessary.

Physical activity can be carried out in any road or public space, including natural spaces and authorised green areas, as long as the distance limitations are adhered to.

Children and the over-70s

Two more time periods, from 10am to 12pm and 7pm to 8pm, have been reserved for people who need to go out accompanied by a carer and those over the of 70.

A person over the age of 70 can be accompanied by any member of their household aged over 14 or their usual carer.

Parents taking children out for walks, as has been permitted since last Sunday, will now have to limit their outings to an hour between 12pm and 7pm.

Anyone with symptoms of coronavirus, or who is self-isolating having been in contact with a Covid-19 patient, is not permitted to leave the home during these time periods.

The time restrictions, according to a government spokesperson, are designed to avoid crowds and will make it easier for people to practise social distancing while out of the home.

Anyone living in municipalities with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants does not have to respect the time frames stipulated.

Essential activity rules still apply

These measures to enable physical activities come as Spain prepares to go into its four-phase easing of lockdown conditions.

The new permission is on top of the permitted reasons for leaving the home in force from the beginning of the lockdown on 14 March.

People can, therefore, continue to go shopping, walk the dog and do other essential activities as before.