Group violently attacks ambulance convoy of elderly coronavirus patients in La Línea

The convoy of ambulances leaving Alcalá del Valle.
The convoy of ambulances leaving Alcalá del Valle. / EFE
  • Two people were arrested for trying to block its path with a car and waste bins were burned at night

On Tuesday a group of around 50 people attacked a convoy of emergency vehicles carrying 28 elderly patients with Covid-19 in La Línea de la Concepción, Cadiz province.

According to National Police, who were escorting the ambulances, the elderly were being brought from a council-run home in nearby Alcalá del Valle to be kept in isolation at a local centre. Earlier in the week the mayor of Alcalá del Valle had controversially made an address at the gates of the village centre saying he couldn't cope anymore, with the level of support he was getting for coronavirus patients, a statement which caused annoyance in some parts of the Andalusian regional health service.

As the evacuated patients arrived in La Línea, various people gathered and stones thrown at the ambulances. Some tried to put a car in their way and the two male occupants of the car were arrested.

Once safely inside, police had to surround the building and into the night waste bins were being burned in protest.

The mayor of La Línea, Juan Franco, stressed that the protesters did not represent the town and that the majority of residents had supported the relocation of the elderly patients from Alcalá del Valle.