Andalusian government orders closure of bars, restaurants and non-essential businesses

Juanma Moreno, on Friday.
Juanma Moreno, on Friday. / EP
  • President of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, raised the Emergency Level in the region from 1 to 2 on Saturday

The Andalusian government raised the Emergency Level in the region from 1 to 2 at a crisis cabinet meeting on Saturday.

This decision was made while the central government in Madrid delayed its confirmation of the details of the 'state of alarm' restrictions, due to disagreements in the Cabinet over how the emergency measures would be funded.

One of the measures announced by Andalusian president Juanma Moreno was the closure of all bars, restaurants and non-essential stores from Monday.

Only supermarkets and food stores, pharmacies, petrol stations and emergency clinics will be allowed to remain open.

The closure of all beaches along the Andalusian coastline is also among the measures.

Moreno stressed the importance of individuals heeding instructions to stay at home to prevent further spread of the virus.

Schools and all other educational centres will be closed at least for the next two weeks, as Moreno announced on Thursday.

The Junta de Andalucía has said that on Sunday it would study the possibility of locking down resorts on the Costa del Sol due to the higher numbers of coronavirus cases.

This is the first time that Emergency Level 2 has been activated in the region.