Cabin baggage ruling goes against Ryanair

Ryanair has said the ruling is due to a "misinterpretation".
Ryanair has said the ruling is due to a "misinterpretation". / REUTERS
  • A passenger on a flight from Madrid objected to paying 20 euros for her hand baggage going into the hold

A court in Madrid has told Ryanair that its cabin bag restrictions policy is "abusive", in a potentially landmark ruling.

A passenger on a Madrid to Brussels flight last January complained to a small-claims website after Ryanair had charged her 20 euros to put her bag in the hold as she had not paid the priority supplement. The passenger was also carrying a small bag to go underseat, and the two bags went against the airline's policy.

The judge, ordering Ryanair to pay back the 20 euros, said that the company had contravened European law by making her pay for hand baggage as she had a right to it.

Ryanair responded in a statement, saying that the ruling would make no difference to its policy as the judge had "misinterpreted" its commercial right to define the size of hand luggage carried.