Pedro Sánchez (PSOE), on Sunday night.
Socialists win general election, as PP recovers, Vox becomes third party and Ciudadanos collapses

Socialists win general election, as PP recovers, Vox becomes third party and Ciudadanos collapses

In Sunday's general election the left-wing parties beat the right, but without an overall majority


Monday, 11 November 2019, 09:04


Sunday's repeat general election brought another win for the PSOE, although the result leaves the Socialists with three fewer seats than they gained in April (120 instead of 123 at nearly 99% of votes counted).

The conservative Partido Popular has recovered somewhat with 87 seats (21 up on April) although the biggest celebrations on Sunday night were at the headquarters of far-right party Vox which has seen its number of MPs shoot up by 28 to 52.

The increase in votes for PP and Vox has been to the detriment of centre-right group Ciudadanos (Cs), who have crashed down to sixth place in terms of seats in Spain's Congresos, losing 47 seats and being left with just 10.

The left-wing alliance Unidos Podemos (Izquierda Unida and Podemos) lost seven seats, ending up with 35.

Sunday's elections came after the Socialists and Unidos Podemos failed to reach an agreement to form a government after the general election in April.

The new result has not helped Socialist leader and acting PM Pedro Sánchez in his quest to lead a "stable" government. Even if Sánchez and UP leader Pablo Iglesias were able to reach an agreement this time round, they would still need the support of MPs from the smaller nationalist groups and other minority parties.

Malaga province

In Malaga the PSOE won the election, keeping the Socialists' four representatives in Madrid.

The fight for second place in the province was tight, with Vox threatening to overtake the PP, ending up with just some 800 votes fewer. The last-minute confirmation of a third MP came as a relief for the PP.

Vox gains two seats instead of one and UP and Cs lose an MP, sending just one representative each to Madrid.

The turnout Malaga on Sunday was 66.7%

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