Local Costa priest officiates at Franco's reburial mass

  • Ramón Tejero, priest of La Cala del Moral, is the son of the man behind the failed coup in 1981

A parish priest in a Malaga dormitory town was chosen by the Franco family to celebrate the reburial mass of the late dictator on Thursday.

Ramón Tejero is priest at the parish church in La Cala del Moral, part of Rincón de la Victoria, east of the city. He is also the son of Antonio Tejero, the army lieutenant colonel who was imprisoned for holding MPs hostage as part of the failed coup attempt against the young democracy in February 1981.

Tejero held mass on Thursday along with the prior of the Valle de los Caídos monastery at the new resting place of Franco's body at the Mingorrubio cemetery outside Madrid.

Ramón Tejero has been parish priest at the Santa Ana church in La Cala del Moral for 18 years and the church square is named after him in recognition of his charity work.

He also covers nearby Totalán village, and played an important part in the support operation during the rescue efforts for toddler Julen earlier this year.