Junta promises more funds to protect Doñana after 50 years as National Park

The president of the Junta and members of his cabinet, after the meeting at the Palacio del Acebrón.
The president of the Junta and members of his cabinet, after the meeting at the Palacio del Acebrón. / EP
  • The Andalusian government held a meeting there to mark the anniversary and agreed to protect the park's future

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, said this week that the regional government is completely committed to preserving the Doñana National Park and will be investing 17.5 million euros in it this year. He also proposed that a clause should be added to the region's Statute of Autonomy to ensure that the environmentally valuable area will always be preserved in the future.

Moreno was presiding over a special meeting of the Doñana governing board, which took place during the celebrations to mark its 50th anniversary as a National Park. They approved the move towards guaranteeing the park's future, so it can continue to be a worldwide icon and a benchmark for sustainable development. The next step will be for the Andalusian executive to officially propose a specific clause regarding the importance of the park and the need to preserve it in the next modification to the Statute of Autonomy. This would give it the same level of protection as the other National Park in the region, the Sierra Nevada. Moreno stressed Doñana's future also depends on investment, and that the 17.5 million euros it will receive this year is 30 per cent more than last year, and will be used mainly to restore habitats and ecosystems.

Moreno said the Junta will work to raise awareness of the values of the National Park, and wants to forge close links with towns and villages in the area. He promised that "nothing that damages Doñana is going to be done", referring to the proposed motorway between Huelva and Cadiz. In that regard, he said a survey will be carried out to gauge demand for the motorway, as well as an environmental and economic analysis to see if it would be viable, but "environmental protection comes above everything else". He also pointed out that there is another alternative, which is a maritime route by boat between Huelva and Cadiz, which could be viable and sustainable.